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About Pierrot Bistró Lobby Bar

Unforgettable moments and unique flavors will seduce your sensations in the meeting spaces of Xelena Hotel & Suites .

A relaxing atmosphere, good music, a variety of drinks and various culinary options are what stand out at the Pierrot Lobby Bar at Xelena. Recover your energy after an intense day on the glacier with your friends or family. We have first class cocktails as well as dishes ranging from varieties of tapas to traditional Argentine empanadas.

Adriano Bertazza

Classic style bartender

He has practiced the profession for 25 years, inspired by the great moments of international and national cocktails and the great Argentine cocktail masters of the decades from 40 to 80, he focuses a lot on claiming classic cocktails both Argentine and world, with the premise of perpetuate the great milestones of cocktail making through time and so that new generations can discover and enjoy the great classics and their interesting anecdotes.

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